Sous-Vide Smoked Fattened Duck Liver


The primate of our products, the absolute specialty of our kitchen is the smoked fattened duck liver based on a nearly 200-year-old French recipe, which has been one of the best dishes for centuries, so it is a really spicy combination of modern sous-vide technology and traditional French gastronomy. When consumed cold as an appetizer, as an accompaniment to an excellent wine, it is also a perfect choice, or just if you feel like a majestic snack, our duck liver will thank you for the trust placed in it. It obtains its silky-smoked flavor from beech and cherry wood shavings, which perfectly complements the sweet taste of long garlic pickling. We recommend it for consumption alone or in food combinations, and since the product can be consumed immediately after opening, the virtuosos of home kitchens and chefs of elite restaurants can also wait for their gourmet guests with an unforgettable delicious specialty in minutes.


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Ingredients: Fat duck liver, grape seed oil. In the marinade: milk, garlic, juniper berries

It retains its quality: for 9 weeks

Storage: 0-3 ° C in unopened packaging

Manufacturer: Cornwell Kft. – 6120 Kiskunmajsa, Árpád u. 27.

Place of origin: Hungary


Average nutritional value in 100g of product
Energy kJ / kcal

2335 / 567 kcal


59,8 g

  • of which saturated fatty acids

23 g


0,2 g

  • of which sugars

0,03 g


7 g


1,1 g

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