About us

About us

Cornwell Kft.

The Cornwell Kft. has been actively involved in the food industry since 2009. Our poultry farm, which is exclusively used to raise fattened ducks, has been operating for 3 years now. There are 25,000 ducks on our farm in continuous rotation in a suitable, controlled environment.

We work exclusively with breeding stock in Hungary, which is located in the close region. The short duration of transport of a day-old duck contributes significantly to the healthy development and proper growth of the animal. After the end of growing, the ducks are transported to a nearby slaughterhouse with a delivery time less than 10 minutes.

Our factory is located in the most logistically suitable place, practically in the middle of the country, in Kiskunmajsa. The close highway greatly contributes to the fast and safe delivery of our products to any part of the country.

Our company is a family business that keeps in mind the gentle animal husbandry and the distribution of Hungarian duck meat products in all flavors. Our goal is to reach our sous-vide duck meat products throughout Hungary and Europe then the whole world. Our partners are primarily catering companies, catering service providers, hotels, and we also want our company to develop further, satisfying and meeting all the needs of our prospective customers.

Quality is the most important thing for us, so we work only with the best raw materials. We strive to use our own raw materials, so in addition to duck, we also process cherries and sweet potatoes from our own farm to provide the market with delicious sauce and garnish supplements.

“Quality. Reliability. Traceability. From start to finish. ”

Our motto assures all our customers that our products not only consist of 100% Hungarian ingredients, but that poultry is reared and processed within our family farm. From rearing, through feeding, processing to transport, so that your guests can enjoy the taste of the best Hungarian fattened duck, right after 3 minute preparing time.