Quality. Reliability. Traceability.

Milestones through quality.


The animals are reared in our own care from the time they are hatched. We pay special attention to quality in terms of both feed and housing conditions, thus ensuring the homogeneous development of the herd and the exclusion of all possible risk factors. Our day-old duck herd has an excellent French bloodline, which comes from hatcheries in Hungary, so the delivery time is minimal. We work exclusively with the latest, bred bloodline on the market.


The rearing takes place continuously in 12 spacious nursing tents, where the juvenile herds can develop separately and in calm conditions. The well-being of the ducks greatly contributes to the extent and quality of their development, so we provide each group with a wooded, natural field. This area greatly contributes to our ducks being able to develop more calmly by feeling the closeness of nature. We provide the nursing food with the highest quality, controlled ingredients available in Hungary, so the presence of any hidden ingredients can be completely ruled out. During the upbringing, constant camera system and computer surveillance helps us to observe, compare the animals, and possibly intervene in the development of the herd.


Our company is exclusively engaged in the production of fattened duck products. Based on a traditional French recipe, we fatten our ducks with different types of corn. We do not use premixed foods or other additives. We strive to avoid medication so that our customers can only buy residue-free products from us.


Ducks fattened to the right size will be placed on the slaughter line from our site, after a short transport. In the slaughterhouse, in the name of gentleness, after manual final cleaning, the bodies are processed in the desired way and shape, and then the meat is delivered to our kitchen plant, where our chefs make our sous-vide products.


The finished meat products, after several inspections, are sorted by quality class and weight. In this way, our customers can choose from our products of the right size and weight for their own needs, whether in packaging units according to their needs, chilled or frozen.
From the beginning to the serving.

From the beginning to the plating.